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11 March 2010 @ 10:24 am
So within the Tron group, we have moved things around a bit due to the amazing (sexy) trailer that was released with Alice in Wonderland!

We moved the casting around mostly, and traded a few ideas. We also have a little bit of bad news, we are unable to use the Honda shown in the last post due to the fact that it weighs more than any hambeast and neither Kei or myself would be able to control it without exerting the strength of the Titans. So because of this, we will only have one Tron bike, as we still plan to work with the Suzuki and change as much as we can on it to make it resemble the amazing Lightcycles.

A friend of mine also suggested the Lightcar that was shown briefly in the trailer. I really wish I could do something like this, however, the expenses and work required would probably take more than a year. Though I did already find the perfect car to use...


So onto the casting changes!

I have decided to cosplay Sam Flynn. Seeing as I will be the one riding and creating the Tron bike, I need to be a main character.


Kei has decided to cosplay Kevin Flynn.


Nicole, who has recently joined the project, is going to be cosplaying Quorra. Every hero needs a sexy female heroine to accompany him.


Sabrina as Kevin Flynn's Henchmen #1


And we still have Wolfgang as the Virus from the video game. We hope to keep growing in cast members, so if you would like to join the project then please message us!

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04 March 2010 @ 07:48 pm
Hey everyone! Quick update here! As some of you may know, Kei and I are planning on working with Kevin of the Organic Racing Team (http://www.organicracing.com) in order to create the bikes featured in Tron Legacy!

Unfortunately, due to time restrictions and lack of proper funding, we will be unable to completely recreate the amazing design seen in the trailer. However, we will bike taking two bikes, a Suzuki and a Honda, in order to semi-recreate the design!

Throughout the summer, we will be working tirelessly over this project in order to have it completed to debut in the Dragon*Con 2010 parade! (http://www.dragoncon.org) We plan to march with the Disney group in the parade to help promote the amazing new movie and video game!

I was able to finally get semi-decent pictures of the bikes! Please pardon the mess in the garage, stuff was moved around oddly in order to accompany the massive space needed for a racing team. As far as the Users go, I will be riding the Honda as the Blue User, and Kei will be on the Suzuki as the Green User. Check out the pics!


The Suzuki!


The monster bike! I was unable to get a clearer picture, but later on I'll get some better ones!

I would also like to present another interesting bit of news! Tronlegacy2010 is now doing casting calls! If you or a friend would be interested in working with us on the project and creating your own costume please send us a message (with a resume of your previous projects). While I would like to say that we will take anyone, I have to say that we will be very picky with who we allow into this project with us. However, you are of course free to work on your own to make this, as the Tron costumes are not our property; but if you want to share resources and work with us, we expect you to be extremely dedicated and a top-notch costumer.

As far as the cast list goes, please keep checking back for the list of available costumes and characters. As Disney continues updating its website and releasing more information, we will be updating this list! For now we have;

Blue User- Me
Green User- Kei

IMBD has released a full cast list for the movie! Meaning a plethora of characters to choose from the movie!


The Programmer (Jeff Bridges)- Available
The programmers son (Michael Sheen)- Reserved for the moment
The female lead (Olivia Wild)- Reserved for the moment
Orange User (this was seen in a poster release by Disney)- Available

Because Disney also has a video game accompanying the movie release, we have an extra abundance of characters to choose from!
Go to http://www.disney.go.com/tron/#/game and check it out!

Virus- Wolfgang Black
Video game hero- Available
Video game sidekick(?)- Available

So that’s the casting list for now! It will be updated throughout the year especially if I convince/bribe/threaten my friends to join us.

Keep checking back to hear more about us! and be sure to link us to your friends!

Lexi and Kei.

To join the Dragon*Con 2010 Parade group!

Click to join dc_parade

Click to join dc_parade

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02 March 2010 @ 03:53 pm
Well here is the official first post :)

Not much going on right now other than planning out the costumes, though in a few weeks we should have more going on the projects!

Also, look forward to a very special surprise at Dragon Con 2010!

Kei and I also aim to take our costumes to Tron Legacy's opening night!

Be sure to check out Disneys page about Tron!


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